AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Lies

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

FAA's HIMS Program Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) himsprogram HIMS aviation HIMS pilot
Weyhrauch Law Group, LLP

Please see below for an example of a 'Special Issuance' letter from the FAA, outlining some of the basic requirements for maintenance of a Medical Certificate once the pilot has been "medically cleared" by all parties involved in his/her 'case.' Please also know that this process, leading up to the pilot applying for a 'Special Issuance,' may take several YEARS to accomplish. During this time, there is almost always NO salary, the costs associated with it are NOT reimbursed, and it MUST occur if the pilot ever wishes to [legally] fly again and/or return to work. As you will notice, the pilot has little choice (read: no choice, unless you wish to risk retaliation by your medical providers, the FAA, or your airline) among medical providers and/or treatment modalities. It is, quite literally, the FAA's way, "or the highway." In effect, the pilot is beholden to his/her assigned medical providers (about whom she has no choice) and treatment philosophy. In this case, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous (which we believe has many therapeutic benefits) has been, and remains, the FAA's sole treatment modality. By default, this becomes the pilot's only mode of maintaining sobriety, and the only method about which she can be forthcoming; other modes of maintaining sobriety will elicit suspicion, and delay issuance of the below:

 Human Intervention Motivation Study HIMS Program FAA's HIMS program himsprogram HIMS aviation HIMS pilot

FAA's HIMS Program ALPA Air Line Pilots Association himsprogram Human Intervention Motivation Study

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